To view your 1099-G form, go to the Claimant Portal, click the History tab and select the 1099-G Reporting link.

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Please be Advised

The following numbers are based on 4 week averages.

Adjudication & Appeals
Adjudication determinations and appeal decisions may take more or less time depending on individual cases.


Average days until Adjudication determination

Adjudication Timeline Image

Average days until Appeals decision

Phone Assistance
The wait times for phone assistance will depend on the current number of calls.


Average wait for call assistance (minutes)

Phone Assistance Image

Average number of calls for assistance per week

Click to Chat Assistance
The wait times for chat assistance will depend on the current number of chats.


Average wait for chat assistance (minutes)

Cell Phone Chat Image

Average number of chats per week

Claims & Certifications


Average number of new claims filed per week

Claims and Certifications Image

Average number of weekly certifications filed per week